How to upgrade firmware for V59 ad board

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V59 ad-board functions

1,Support USB Automatic copy function

2.Support USB firmware upgrade function

3.Support control by Remote control or Keyboard

4.Support Rolling subtitles function

5.Support automatic play or follow play list

6.Support timer control function

7.Support Horizontal and Vertical play mode, 180 rotation Information Publishing

8.Audio output: two-channel stereo audio:2X8R/6W

9.Can drive LCD panel directly.

10.Support LCD panel with LVDS interface and 3.3V/5V/12V working voltage

11.Resolution can be within 1920X1200.

V59 ad-board firmware upgrade

1.Prepare one USB-Stick(2G/4G/8G);

2.Format it as FAT32;

3.Copy the firmware(bin file) in USB-Stick root directory;

4.Insert the USB-sotrage into USB port;

5.Power-ON the main board, Wait for upgrade(About 5 minutes).

Warning : Please do not power-off when upgrading.

V59 ad-board firmware for Full-HD LVDS panel and EDP panel

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